The Darkness that I am in

Dear GOD,
I was always told to pray to you every day by my grandmother, and as you know, I do, but I am in a very dark place right now, and I still pray to you throughout the day, Please forgive me for saying this but I keep asking you for a sign that everything in my life will be ok, but still I don’t see one.

Why have you forsaken me, why are you allowing me to suffer? I’ve tried multiple times to commit suicide, but you won’t allow me to die – why is that? I’ve asked several times for you to bless me with a wife – but I still sit alone.

Please show me a sign that everything will be ok in my life and that you will take me out of this dark place, and that you will bless me with a wife, if not I ask you to please allow me to die so that I can be with my grandparents and aunt.

I ask this in your name AMEN.