Sorry – I met the most amazing person

I’m sorry I hurt you. Five years ago, I met an amazing person.

You taught me so much about life, about myself, and other things. I did not stop loving you for a moment and always compared every guy I went out with to you.

I want to say sorry for the dramas and nonsense. For betraying and hurting and wanting to be with others.

Sorry for giving me your heart on a silver platter and I dropped it on the floor and kicked it. I’m sorry that when you were willing to give me a chance, despite everything, I did not agree.

I hope I did not spoil you and find the one who will do you good. Hope you have a perfect future.

I’ll always remember you. I love you.

Finally, I can say that. I never stopped loving you, dear.

Be awesome! Thank you for every moment you gave me. I hope I will see you in my life.