Sorry that I loved you so much and thank you for that

Sorry that I loved you so much, and thank you for that.
Sorry for the embarrassing situation in our marriage.
Sorry for not being attentive and listening.
I’m sorry I tried everything good between us, and it did not work out.
Sorry that our baby son did not see me for 3 months because …
Sorry that after our separation, we tried to involve a third party
Sorry I did not try to understand you and believe me I did not even understand myself.
Sorry for my fears of the truth.
Sorry I was not on your side in difficult times – and stand by you I’m talking about reaching an understanding between us – you tried and I did not.
Sorry for reading the letter from 1999 that we were friends and wrote there that “no matter what I’ll always love you” – I wish that’s true for now.
I’m sorry that I read from your letter that “asking that you fall in love the second time is a love of right – and this is the strongest love”
Sorry that my toddler should see me twice a week for three hours
Sorry for not being me.
Sorry for not trying to fix in other ways, and I neglected it.
I’m sorry I underestimated you, and I told myself she must love me so much that she would do something extreme.
I’m sorry that I’m not talking to you for a year and a half only through a third party because of the circumstances I’m in right now …
Sorry that my mind keeps thinking about you day and night.
Sorry for not being near you in difficult times.
Sorry that I can not turn the wheel around and change the things that were between us.
Sorry for not being with you for our first time in kindergarten.
Forgive me for being the most beautiful girl in the world and good for the heart.

Sorry for listening to those who tried to sabotage my only love in life.
Sorry for the fact that I kept thinking that I would grow old with you.
Sorry that I thought we would bring more children into the world.
Sorry for hurting your parents and your family.
Sorry for missing you so much.
Sorry that I dream at night that we are back together and we are the happiest in human beings.
Sorry that you and our son are the most precious people in my life.
Forgive me for making “nonsense” and not to attribute importance to the life of our relationship.
Sorry that I pray to God to make me happy and lead me to the right path.
Sorry, I’m fantasizing that we’re back together.
Sorry about that when our son was sick during the separation I was not on your side.
Sorry for that I still love you no matter what.
Sorry I can not think of anyone else but you.
Forgive me for being materialistic, hard, too noble, and not trying to understand you.
And forgive the past that permeates the present and plans the future.
And again … sorry for being still … loving and loving only you.

And if I hurt you in this letter, then I just ask,

From your ex-husband, who thinks you are a brave and courageous woman.

sorry that I loved you