to god, give me guidance.

i dont know if this means anything or if ill ever get anything out of this but atleast someones listening.

i need your guidance. i feel lost in life. i do not feel confident with anything i do and it always feels like nothing is my way. it never seems like i can get anything going in my life.

im sorry for all the mistakes ive commited in my life, i take these things that dont go away as my punishment and i understand but i dont know where im going wrong. i dont know what am i doing wrong, why am i deserving all this negative thats happening to me? i want to be corrected.

please tell me how to be a better man. I don’t want to live with disappointment my whole life.

it feels like i fail in everything. lifes tough, but i knew that. i just want to win somewhere god.

please. show me the way give me guidance on what i should do. ill do anything you ask, i wont question it because i know you truly have good intentions for me.

from the god in me to the god in you, please help.