My Family And Are Babies That We Are Expecting

Hello God,

I was here a few months ago when I asked for your blessing for my husband and me to become parents. Now, I am overjoyed to share that I am pregnant! We were so happy when we found out, and we still are. However, there’s something troubling us. A few days ago, I had to go to the hospital because I was bleeding. I feared I was losing our baby. The good news is that the baby is still here, and the doctor heard a heartbeat. However, they also mentioned that there’s a risk of miscarriage.

God, I know you have been watching over us and listening to our prayers. Now, there’s a possibility that I might be carrying two babies. The doctor isn’t sure yet, but if I am, I don’t want to lose either of them. Today, they couldn’t hear a heartbeat, and it scared me, but they think the heartbeat they heard earlier might have been mine. I read that heartbeats can sometimes be detected only around 8-9 weeks, so I hope my babies’ hearts are about to start beating.

I ask for your protection over my babies. Please let them be safe and healthy. My husband, my family, and I are all praying for this miracle. When we go to the doctor next, I pray that they will find the heartbeats, and our baby or babies will be okay.

God, the reason I’m unsure if I’m having one or two babies is because the doctors have seen only one sac in the emergency room visits, but yesterday, the doctor mentioned the possibility of two sacs. If I am having twins, I want both babies to be healthy and to carry them safely to term.

I know many people go through this, but my husband and I are so excited about our babies, and our family is too. I pray for the bleeding and cramps to stop, for my pregnancy to be healthy, and for our babies to be born safely and meet their loving family.

Please, God, protect us from miscarriage. Whether it’s one baby or two, I love my baby and want them to be healthy. If something is wrong that the doctors haven’t detected yet, I pray that it can be resolved and that my baby can stay safe within me, with a strong heartbeat.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to become a mother. It is the greatest gift, and now I ask for another miracle—that our babies will be safe, that there will be no more danger or worries, and that the bleeding will stop. Please keep us safe all the way to the day our babies are born.

I also ask for your help for my husband’s grandpa, who is now my grandpa too. We want him to get better and be able to meet his grandkids. Please help him understand that many people are praying for him and love him.

Thank you, God.

Keyla and my family.