My Family and are babies that we are expecting

hello god i was here few months ago when i ask you that my husband and i wanted to be parents and guess what we are when we found out i was pregnant we were so happy and we still are but know God theres something going on we wnet few day to the hospitul and i was bleding i thoght i was lossing my baby the good news baby is still here and the doctor said they heard heart beet they said that i can have a miscarriage for what they see also god i know you have been watching us and hearing are prayers and now that i might have two babies in me doctor is not 100% sure but if i am having two god i dont want to lose my babies today they said they did it hear a heart beet and it scare me but they said could not tell because they think the heart beet they heard was mine.

i hope the heart beet they heard was mine beacuse i read they cant hear it until 8-9 weeks and if thats true there is hop that my babies heart is about to beet and i want my babies is be okay and for them to be with us i know its alot im asking but my husband and i and my family they are all preying for us and i know its alot to ask you but we have faith that my babies are going to be okay and that the day we go to the doctor the doctor say that are baby or babies are okay and theres a hear beet and they going to be okay.

Also God the reason i said baby or babies is bracuse the doctor could not tell if we having two beacuse the three times they see me in the emergency room and with the doctor they only seen one sac and today well yesterday March 2,2022 Wednesday they doctor said it looks like two Sac and now if theres two then i could be having twnis and god if i am having 1 or 2 i still want the baby to be okay and also not to have a Miscarriage .

I know alot of people go threw this but my husband and i we so exsited for are babies and also my family so i pray to you that the inside of my tummy is okay and to get rid all bad things inside so that my babies can be okay and be born okay and be with us in 9months.

Also for the bleeeding and cramps to go away so that me and my babies are okay and we can have a good prenancy for 9months also that that my babies can be born and meet there family and parents.

All i want God is that my babies are okay and that they both have a heart beet and that i dont have to miscarriage.

now i dont know if i am carrying two but if i am or not i still love my baby no matter what but protect us and for us to get thew this and for my babies and me can enjoy are prenancy with no worry or being scare of miscarraige.

Now God if something did happen that i dont know yet of the doctors could not tell please i know its alot but dont take my baby we want him with us i want him still in my tummy with its heart beeting i pray god that my babies are okay and we dont have a miscarriage help us give us your bless that are babies will be okay god people are praying for us and i just need to tell you that i want my babies and i want them with me and also i give thank you for letting me be a mother you gave me the best gift and know i am asking u again to give me and my husband a miracle or like i said its ment to be that are babies will be safe and will be with us and that theres no more Danger or worries and no miscarrige going on here and that the bleeding will stop and babies and me we will be okay and safe all the way to the day they are born.

God i love you and we will still be praying love you Keyla and my Family.

ALso god one more thing help my husband grandpa whitch now is my Grandpa too we want his here with us and we want him to get better and able to get to notice its Grandkids we want him to be back on his feet and to get better and be that grandpa we saw few months ago he has alot to still do here in the world and we want him here to meet his grandkids and for are babies to meet him to.

Please god help him and make him understand that therse alot of people praying for him and love him.

Thank you