possibly give me a real name?

Dear God: I have no name, no mother, no father, no sisters, no brothers, no friends, no mate, no future, no meaningful life work, no value.

I don’t understand why I’m being punished, but I know that I have always tried to be the very best person possible.

I know I’ve made mistakes and been stupid, but I know that you know that my intentions, whatever my weaknesses and incompetence and inadequacies, have always been good. I beg you to forgive me whatever sins I have committed, to help me to understand the meaning of my life and the suffering that I can’t understand.

My life is so empty. My heart is broken.

The loneliness is unendurable. Please tell me that you can forgive me.

Please, God, forgive me my sins and inadequacies. Help me to make the right choices, and grant me the opportunity to love and serve.

Please heal my broken places, grant me strength and wisdom. Please forgive me.

Please tell me what you’re forgiving me for.

Why does my every effort fail? Why is my everyday empty? What do you want of me? What am I to understand? Could you possibly give me a real name?