This is truely the site for sinners and confession

I just read about 20 confessions and will now add my own.

Like so many others, I struggle with p, which makes me feel dirty.

And other times, I just don’t give a damn.

Besides jacking off like just about everybody, I did a lot of swearing, gossiping, backbiting, I used to steal, drink and, do drugs, and even smoke.

For the most part, I have grown beyond these.

Christ has helped me.

But basically, being a born-again virgin, I have a hell of a time dealing with unmet s needs.

I know s is reserved for marriage.

But for me, I am to old and fat, plus getting my butt beat by earlier in life bad decisions to get married.

However that being said, I still know all things are possible with Christ.

God forgive and help an angry old sinner.