God. In Jesus name…. Amen

Dear God Please pray for my family.

we are facing some financial problems.

we are burdened with sufferings and all kinds of problems financial and deep debt.

We are financially crippled.

Only by the miracle of God will somehow get us through this tough time.

we can not get out of this.

I pray for my dad’s business & give him success.

I pray that God opens the windows of the heaven and pour on us great financial blessings.

please god, help my sister bless her and give her success about her aim in life for study in the USA.

May she obtain her desired marks in TOEFL exam.

I also pray for my house, good health for my all family members, specially my mom and dad’s good health and good finance for us and for our all round prosperity.

I know you will find a way.

I love u God.

In Jesus name…. Amen