A Crisis Of Trust In Others And In Ourselves

What to do if we have lost faith in people and ourselves, and how can we start taking the first steps to strengthen confidence and trust?

Trust and suspicion

Trust is our tendency to trust other people versus suspicion, which is the opposite of trust.

Suspicion is our inability to trust others. There is suspicion such a belief that man is not good in his essence and that he has hidden intentions he is not aiming for good.

Transparency, understanding, communication of open dialogue, and mutual respect. These are the cornerstones for building and maintaining trust.

When we do not believe in others, something in our trust cracks – and that means we, too, may lose faith in ourselves.

It’s important to understand how important it is to believe in people !! The lack of trust hurts you and blocks any path to other good things, and encourages you to come. It can manifest itself that we will not try new things, changes, stay in the existing situation, stay stuck, do not reach because we are afraid of being hurt.

It’s never too late to be who you want to be. Just do it, dare and start being on the move. The rest will already happen. Trust will also be built. You do not have to wait for the trust to be in full force in all its glory, you can also start small.

The first step in building self-confidence

When a person wants to regain trust in himself and others, the first step is to do something you are good at.

Then your confidence that you have succeeded slowly will give initial hope for the continuation of this journey.

For example, if a child is not good at school, Let him be a captain on the football field, confidence in himself and others will develop and grow.

Find your talent and nurture it. More than that, you will see him forever so that he, too, the world will enjoy him and believe in us!

Trust can be repaired.

I believe it can be fixed. Trust can be rebuilt. One can get up from the rift and create a new chapter in an old relationship.

Every relationship is built on trust – it does not matter if it is a marital system, a relationship between parents and their children, a business or social partnership, or trust in the workplace in which I invest and expect a reward.

In relationships, in relationships, at work, between friends, children, and especially with myself, there are constantly mines. They are called: mistrust, disrespect, appreciation, incompatibility, lack of belonging, boredom, lack of fulfillment, anger, insults, and more and more.