About Longing And Loneliness

How to deal with the longing for a family we have not seen for a long time, ex, divorcee, divorced friends, dog or cat who died ten years ago, and the longings are floating, for a better time I had and even for ourselves.

So who do you miss the most today what do you do when you miss, and how do you deal with longing and loneliness What are the five steps to dealing with longing, and is it possible to stop missing?

What to do with loneliness?

Because longing can also hold us back in life, and yet longing should not stop us from living our lives

If you have experienced a breakup in a relationship, you have left work, then, in fact, they are longing because your alone time – has increased greatly.

Loneliness is longing

And it’s a hard feeling, a feeling we all feel at times. It can be momentary, lasting for one evening, but it can also be prolonged. But it will never last a lifetime, and you know why? Because loneliness is a feeling that appears when we miss. And if we miss, a sign that we were not alone all the time.

Longing can deceive us, all of us, and make us feel the loneliest in the world, and we all experience the feeling of loneliness.

You can not stop missing, and you can live with the longing in peace

It’s an adaptation process that we go through because it’s part of what we went through we experienced, more than that, these things and the people we miss have made us who we are.

┬áSo do not fight too long. Give it a place but note that it is in the right place for you in life and does not hinder you and stop you from developing. And if you need to miss a little more, give it the right time, its stages, and most importantly, you will understand why you really miss it – what an emotional feeling it made and gave you. And you will slowly complete it in your life along with the longings.

Be in motion to plan and choose to enjoy what is there, even if it is the smallest thing.