About what I have done to this day

Hey God, I choose to believe you will hear my cry and what I am telling you now
I want to ask forgiveness for all the terrible things I did today, from bullying to beatings and almost losing friends, but you were always by my side God and supported me

I felt that someone always despite everything I did Something somewhere up there supported me and gave me the strength to overcome any case to this day, I thought I passed it but today I did a bad thing again I pushed a child without a lot of reason

Maybe he took me but it does not matter I did not have to do what I did and I feel It’s terrible that I did it.
And I hope that God, who stood by me to this day and made me make a change and make me return to what I had since the beginning of the year I just want to ask forgiveness from the children I behaved to them is not beautifully and especially this child that I pushed today