Give me a break

God you are nothing other than a second rate public servant.

Completely useless and all care no responsibility.
Throughout my entire life every time I am about to succeed, I am destroyed.

From being kidnaped at 6, dragged through dozens of schools reducing academic possibilities, leaving school and being independent at 15, having my body destroyed at 19 in a vehicle accident, after going broke putting myself through uni I met a woman who was unfaithful and left with every cent.

Supporting my children I met 2 other women who also left with everything. Leaving me maimed, broke, and alone.
Every time I start to achieve I am destroyed.

When getting fit I break my ankle to having my fences and land washed away in floods.

Every time, in every way you seem bent on making sure I fail.

I spent my life working with evil people who would rather destroy me than learn or change.
Well God all I ever wanted to do is have a block of land and lead by example, planting a garden of eden.

Yes you have kept me a failure, you have finally broken me, so now I dare you to kill me so I can come up there and kick your butt, you cannot blame satan, that is just a cop out for incompetence.

At the moment you are about to kill 2 billion through starvation, 2 billion through war and 2 billion through plague, you are a god of hate and evil not mercy.

There are other ways to restore the earth to a standard.

Slaughter is not the way.

I am old so I am coming for you.

Pick up your standards I am coming to teach you a lesson.