Dear Father in the names of Jesus, Mary, & all the Angels & Saints.

I ask that you forgive all of my sins & ask that you answer my prayers.

I LOVE my wife Elvira with all my heart & soul.

Please help stop our divorce.

I know that she has not fal out of love with me.

We have almost 19 yrs.

married & 3 wonder kids together.

I know I have made a few mistakes throughout our marriage but they are not the kind of mistakes that we can’t get past & leave each other over.

I have promised to her that I will do anything to repair our marriage.

I know that Coulceling with you the Bible study we go to every Thursday & Church on Sunday that we go together can bring us back together again,& make our LOVE for each other as strong & beautiful as it once was not to long ago.

I PROMISE not to neglect Elvira again. Please, MY FATHER, show my wife how much she still loves me & place that love in her heart for me again PLEASE.

I LOVE my wife & our 3 kids more than anything or anyone, except of course for you My Father. Please my Lord bring us back together.

I don’t want a life without her & our kids. Dear GOD, I hope your will is that Elvira & I continue to grow old together & to love each other till eternity.

I have thought of many of our past times in our life that lets me know that we are soul mates & that is one of the reasons I LOVE her so much.

Father, I ask that you step into our marriage & take over it my LORD & make it work out to please you as you were pleased on the day we were married when you united us as one.

I promise with your help to praise, respect, & honor my wife forever.

My dear LORD as you know we are getting so close to the ending of our divorce, that I have faith in only you that you can make a miracle happen & answer my prayers to save us from letting our lives with each other end.

In JESUS’s precious name, I ask that you bring MY WIFE ELVIRA & I back together so that you will receive our loving family that once was & can be again with you leading our way.

I will do the best to have our family be your loyal to your church.

I pray this to you in the names once again of JESUS, MARY, & all the ANGELS & SAINTS.