Ank you lord. i love you lord.

dear lord, you are my friend and you gave me everything.

I don’t know why I keep going away from you all the time.

when I am with you I am happy and peaceful.

don’t let me go away from you.

search and find me.

I want to be back close to you.

I lost the way back with the worst sins am doing.

I am lazy, no motivation, i cheating the people who love me, I am telling lies, I am not helping..

I am doing things expecting to get something back from them, I want forgiveness, I am also not able to forgive.

I am not truthful..

I make other angry and feel bad..

lord give me wisdom to choose what is right and wrong and follow what is right.

some times i curse for for the bad thing which i brought myself please forgive me.

purify my heart.

help me.

whip me when I am wrong.

don’t let the devil to come near me.

I am sorry lord iam so selfish in my prayer also am just asking only for myself.

i don’t know what to ask for others as I am overwhelmed with sins in my heart.

please cleanse the sins.

lord help me, lord.

I feel ashamed and so small before you not even worthy to ask you.

please lord forgive me.

and dont let me fall into sins.

lord, i cry and ask you listen to my prayers my dear saviour, my love, my life , my lord.

thank you, lord.

I love you lord.