for everlasting peace. AMEN

DEAR LORD, I thank you for everything in my life.

I think you for letting me be in a better place.

thank you for amy.

and Lord I pray for my family to get thru nubans death and I pray to you that josh will make all the right decisions in his life and lord I pray that someday josh will care for me the way I do for him and I pray that one day he will realize how much I love him and lord I pray for Amanda also I pray that she does what she needs to do to be happy, and I pray for Jeremy to be happy as well I pray that he is not making a mistake.

and I pray for mason I love him and I pray that as he grows up he will do right and I pray for terry to get healed and be better and for them to find out what is wrong with him.

lord I know I have done bad things in my life I know I have sinned just like everyone else in the world and lord I pray for your forgiveness and I pray for everlasting peace.


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