be nice.In Jesus’s name Amen

I am from Anchorage, Alaska I use my space for religious poems and such.

Also prayer request and a discriptive idea of the church and religion I belong to.

My way of contacting God is through Jesus?s by means of prayer.This is the first site I have seen where a letter is directed to God.

Walls can be destroyed same as hopes.

What do you hope to get out of this wall? Dear God first of all thanks for the ground we walk on the air we breath.

Without you there would not be life.

Without Jesus there would not be enternal life.God I pray that life will slow down a little that people dont embrace religion but instead embrace you and follow up with prayer.

Prayer is our way communicating with you, to many forget that.

God also by means of life slowing down where has love went ,where has faith gone ,where is peace and simplicity is all to be in heaven with you.

If you don?t mine God let a little shine down on earth.

God heal the sick,feed the hungry, end the vioce, and last let the Holy spirit start working in everyones hearts specially bring the sinners to Jesus through conviction that they may find you my dear God.

God earth needs most peace and through peace we will find all things come to greatness.

God the universe is unfolding it should but before the ends to come let something come great out of your creation.

Perhaps a day the world prays together.

World prayer day would be nice.

In Jesus’s name Amen