By The Blood Of Jesus, Amen.

Dear heavenly father, in no way do I want to be a hypocrite who loves to pray. I want the best that you have to offer for my life and my family members. Lives and friends.

I know that the devil is ever present and plants evil thoughts in our minds, but I resist him in the name of Jesus Christ. Let not his negative messages enter my thought life. Let me be able to discern that the devil is near.

If I have been praying wrong, forgive my sins. I thank you, Jesus Christ, for all you have done for me. You have kept a roof over all our heads and food on the table; you have made provision in every way.

And I am grateful. Dear lord, Monday is a very intense day. My son could come if it is your will. I place this matter in your hands. You are the master. Also, lord, a decision by you will be made on unemployment extensions, and I put this matter in your hands. Also, god, I have seen a teaching position that I feel is the one you opened up for me if it is your will.

Let a halo shine on my head, let my interviewers be receptive, and know in their hearts that they must do the right thing. I ask that there be no competition but that I be given the job that day. I deserve to teach. You have given me a calling. I ask that if it is your will, you will restore everything the devil has stolen from this family.

My son, my job, my record, my unemployment, my reputation. Come against racism and place your presence in that room dons the hearts of those who interview me. Let racism be erased and placed with love and empathy. Pleace an advocate and a deliverer in that room for Christopher and me. Lose the stronghold on Christopher’s freedom on Monday. I ask for a miracle for my son on Monday. Let him be free to come home for good. Let’s interview. and I called on Monday on Tuesday and be hired on Tuesday. Make haste, lord.

Lord covers the blood around every conviction and fingerprint and erases them from the database. There are no signs or records of my legal issues anywhere or in any database in the name and by the power of Jesus christ.

On August, during my trial, give the judge the spirit of god in her heart, and move her to dismiss this case in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Restore what the devil has done. I ask in your name that neither Christopher nor I will ever see a jail or mental institution again in our lives.

Move on the people in the courtrooms, lord. Give them feelings and empathy. Change donna maw and r.B. Wilson. Give them understanding, compassion, and a kind heart. Rid their hearts of hardened stones and see our case as an individual case where my son is loved and wanted. Eat them away with guilt.

Do not kill my son’S s [prit. Open their hearts during my interview and Christopher’s hearing. I ask for a miracle.

Let her dismiss this entire case. Open the door for unemployment extension benefits on Monday and give that needed vote for people like other families who need and depend on that money and me.

Pray for my bills to be paid supernaturally and come against the devil in all his tactics. Stop him and kill him from attacking this family ever again.

In the name and by the blood of Jesus, amen.