Dear god, I just want to be loved

Dear god and Holy Spirit, I am sad every day. I am a young girl, and I feel like I’m unlovable and nobody likes me.

I have almost no friends, n

Dear God and Holy Spirit,

I come to you with a heart heavy with sorrow and loneliness. You, who are the keeper of my soul and the navigator of my destiny, already know the depth of my struggles. Yet, as I put pen to paper, it’s as though I am reaching out to hold Your divine hand. I need Your guidance, Your light, and Your love now more than ever.

Thank you for the life I have, for the air in my lungs and the beauty that surrounds me even when I find it hard to see. I recognize that there are blessings in my life, and for that, I am thankful.

However, God, I can’t help but feel like I am drowning in a sea of sadness and isolation. I am a young girl, and each day, I carry the heavy burden of believing that I am unlovable and that nobody likes me. My heart aches every day with this loneliness and the belief that I have almost no friends, no talents or skills, and that everyone dislikes me.

Please, Holy Spirit, breathe into me the love and acceptance that I so desperately crave but can’t seem to find. Show me the way to love myself, to discover the talents and gifts You have placed inside of me. Remind me that I am Your child, fearfully and wonderfully made, deserving of love and friendship.

God, I am desperate for Your intervention. Please send me a sign, a person, or an opportunity that will help me understand my worth. I am yearning to be loved by someone, to have a friend, to feel connected. I just want to be loved, to experience the warmth that comes from someone caring about me.

I lay all these troubles at Your feet, Lord, trusting that You will turn my trials into triumphs, my struggles into stories of inspiration. Thank you for listening to my plea, for watching over me even when I feel invisible, and for the divine love that I know You hold for me.

I await Your guidance with a hopeful yet heavy heart. Please help me, for I don’t know where else to turn. Your love is my last hope, and in it, I seek refuge.

In Your everlasting love and mercy,

o talents or skills and I feel like everyone dislikes me now.

Please help me, god I just want to be loved by somebody

Holy Father in Heaven

Dear Holy Father in Heaven, I’m humbly requesting you to guide me and help me in my current journey.

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