in Jesus precious name amen

Dear precious father, I really want to thank you for answering some of my prayers ,I wrote recently.

Somehow, I believed you are going to take care of all my situations .

You did answer my urgent prawer about sending me a someone to help take care of my billl and, I thank you God an angel came.

I mail letter to the different department and I am hoping to to get reply I know Father you are on my side and I just need to develope my faith to be stronger so I can truely be bless.

Lord you said seek and you shall find and I am looking evereywhere and beleiving all my wishes and dreams will come, true Dear lord, I am asking you now, please help find my jewels I misplaced in my house or if someone stole it please touch thier hearts that they will return it somehow as you know lord these are my wedding gift.

I urgently need my birth certificate lord, please don’t let the government ins send me back to another country but let stay and live and care for my old mother in the usa, I really need your help.

I want to ask you to stop any and all court cases I am asking you please father let all my hearings known and unknown be canceled, null, viod, dismissed, let every folder paperwork, every computer information be removed disapeared and never to surface again,Please grant me this favor lord.

Grant me favor wherever I go , whoever I meet on my journey, help me to be the most faithfull and famous evangelist so I can preach the good with your blessing help my son get a better paying job bless him and his wife with peace of mind happiness good health wealth long life salvation and help them to remember you always.

Help me to get a good low rate on my mortgage and help me to get good paying tenants, bless me with money to pay all my bills, bless me with long life and everything my heart desire that you see it fit for me.

Lord theres so much I want to thank you for what you have done and what you are doing and what you have in store for me I need you in my life always dear father , I cant walk without you holding my hands my hands I need you Lord, help me to overcome all my troubles, pain suffering poverty lonelyness be my guide lord in every direction of my life.

Thank you lord for taking time out fou as you took the time for me in jesus name i ask all these things .

Thank you dear precious father in Jesus precious name amen