Dear Lord

Jesus christ my savior in Heaven I ask you to come to my sister Kimberly and bless her with guidance through this loss please lord she has lost so much she is in so much pain

God, I beg of you to do onto her as you did onto me and bless her with a Miracle family my Grace please give her the love she needs in this world like how you have blessed me and all of my other sisters even if it’s not Noahs please just, please

God, Please bless her with a beautiful healthy child but for it to be Noahs a little boy would be such a blessing to her I know it would change everything for the better for her a child will save her my Lord I love you and I have been so blessed by you I know your so gracious and giving and powerful I pray of this for my Sister!

In Jesus name, i Pray Amen 🙏🏻