Is none no greater than you.

Dear God, I try to pray daily, and sometimes I fail.

I shouldn’t fail, you saved me from death.

You helped me walk again, helped me realize that my family loves me and only wants what is best for me and you re-united me with my little girl’s daddy, something that didn’t seem possible.

We are getting married on April 5, 2008 (you already know that, though).

I am happy to an extent.

God, we need a house.

He wants to get married and live with his mom until he can build a house and I know that it will not work and I want us to have our own place.

I want me and him and our little girl to finally have a normal life.

I am still unable to work because of the short-term memory loss and my hearing problem, but the best thing for us would be for us to have our own place.

Please help us find a way.

Also, it has been 2 years since my malpractice lawsuit was started, and it looks to be going nowhere, please help me come upon a settlement soon so I can help my grandparents and my mother pay their debts off.

Please help my grandmother with her ailing health.

Please fix it where she will no longer need insulin shots and where she will be able to get around good and so she will feel better.

Please help my grandfather.

He is almost 70 and they have so many bills he is still trying to work.

Please help them become financially stable where he can once and for all retire.

He deserves to be able to.

Please God, please find someone for my mother so that she may truly be happy one time in her life before my grandmother passes and so she will stop causing her so much stress.

Please look after my uncle, help him find someone who will love him, and help him pay his bills.

Look after my little girl as she grows up in this terribly mean the world.

Keep her safe and out of harms way.

Take care of her when I cannot and help her to always know you.

Please touch Scott’s heart and get him to realize that living with his mother would not be good for either one of us and get hmi to find us somewhere to live other than with his mom before we get married.

Help his mom to get to feeling better, and help her lose weight so she won’t have to take insulin anymore, as so my grandmother.

I know you can heal both of them.

My grandmother has had a very hard life, please help make it easier.

Look after my sister as she suffers from her unexpected break-up.

Help her deal with it and not go wild because she’s??FREE??.

Take care of everyone in my family.

Also, look after my cousin Roland.

He had a kidney transplant and now they say the kidney isn’t working.

You can make it work.

He has given up.

He has been so much and he is such a good person.

Please help him you have helped me.

Give my Aunt Edna strength to deal with all the things coming her way.

Please help me to maybe find a good paying job where I would not need my hearing to do the work or where I won’t have to use the phone.

Take care of Levi in his new life with his new wife and baby.

Help him to be a better husband to her than he was to me.

Keep the baby safe and help him to grow up in a loving home with good parents.

Watch over all of us.

I would ask for my family to win the lottery, but that would be pushing it, I know.

Please help us find a way out of the financial distress we are in.

Thank you for all of the blessings in my life and for all you have given me.

Thank you for all of the second chances that I did not deserve.

Thank you for your forgiveness, your love, your understanding.

Help Scott to do what I feel is right for us and not just take the easy way out.

Help us be financially able to afford somewhere to live.

Please touch everyone.

I pray for miracles.

I know you can heal me, I know you can heal my cousin, my grandma, grandpa, mom, uncle, Scott’s mom and anyone else in my family that is sick.

Please keep your hand on us all.

I will try to do better.

I love you, God.

There is none no greater than you.