Love, Naomi (14 years old)

God, I don’t know if you exist.

I am of no particular faith.

I am not asking you to forgive me because a God that does not accept other religions is no God of mine.

How people can expect you to judge everything is beyond me. If you do judge everything, then I suppose I may go to hell.

I hope that is not the case, because I have been a good person, and if others me are destined to go to Hell, I won’t have any problems finding friends there.

I would also to ask you this: in the Bible, you are constantly speaking to the world.

Now, however, in times of need, Your voice is not heard by all.

Perhaps you are heard when the birds sing and seen when the sun shines. If that is so, God, you are completely and utterly beautiful.

I would to conclude with: if you are the non-judging God I imagine you to be, I love you, and thank you for your beauty.

I hope you can make everyone’s Holidays joyful, especially those in need.

Love, Naomi (14 years old)