stephen todd oldham from nc

I STEPHEN TODD OLDHAM, FROM NORTH CAROLINA /USA, may god be with me on May 17 2010 and through this whole court matter that my charges will be washed or reduced with no prison time,i need a second chance to serve God and to be a husband and a father that was needed from the beginning,

please, god, allow me my prayers to answer that I will not have to leave my family or my home, only probation, or be clear from all charges, please allow this movement to happen and give me this last chance to be a Christian father god be with me and resolve this burden ref court on May 17 2010 or until this court issue is cleared Stephen todd Oldham from NC

How To Forgive Those We Hate?

How do you un-do hate? Ctrl + Z – If only this button could be imported from PC into reality, our lives would look different.