Have given to us all. AMEN.

Dear LORD, I pray for forgiveness from my heart to the top of my head down to the very bottom of my feet.

I pray, LORD, that you watch over all of us all over the world and that you protect us from evil.

LORD, I pray that you bless us one by one with good health and prosperity from one to another.

LORD, I ask in JESUS? NAME that you rebuke the demon from my life.

LORD, I ask that you, in JESUS? NAME, rebuke any and all evil from around us in our neighborhood.

LORD, I ask that you bless us and anoint us with your goodness in JESUS? NAME.

Thank You, LORD, for being their for us from the beginning and all the way through.

Thank You JESUS.

Thank You, GOD. We love you truly.

LORD GOD, I pray for your loving Touch that You can HEAL us with Your loving hands and that if we but ask of You that You can heal us with Your heavenly powers.

We are but your people looking for love from you.

Thank You, Dear LORD, for healing us of our sicknesses and cleanse our bodies with your goodness. Sincerely, Dorothy.

In JESUS? NAME I pray Thank You for all that you have given to us all.