it strong and healthy. Amen

God, please give me strength and guidence at this time.

Thank you for my beautiful children.

Please dear God let my baby’s surgery go smoothly.

Please bless the surgeons and steady their hands while they touch his heart. God hes such a gorgous baby please give me many years with him.

Let me watch him roll over, crawl, walk, graduate, get married, have children, and grow old.

I need your strength even more for this surgery dear God, you got me through the last one.

But he was only days old now ive had a couple months with him ive grown so attached and now i have to give him back to the surgeons.

Help me to deal with all these feelings the panic, the terror, the anxiety.

God I feel so alone.

Thank you for my beautiful children, my wonderful husband, and all the blessings youve given me.

Please dear God bless my babys heart keep it strong and healthy.