Dear God, Even if my letter

Dear God, Even if my letter doesn’t get to the wall of Jerusalem which is said to be the closet place on earth to you I know you will still hear me.

God, Please come into my life and rescue me from all my turmoil.

That’s turmoil in health, relationships, finances, you name it I have it.

I don’t have to tell you because you already know.

I come to you once again Lord asking that you save me and take the burdens that I have off of me.

I feel I want to die but at the same time I want to live because I love my children that you have blessed me with but I feel I have no more fight.

So, I come to you Lord because I know that no one but you can turn my life around.

Help me Lord I’m crying out to you! It is now Lord that I know I need you to carry me.

In Jesus name I come to You, Amen.