Father give me strength

Father, king of the world,
Give me the strength to deal with my life, thank you for giving me a wife and children and parents who support as much as possible.

Thank you for giving me a profession, but I feel my power is over I have a huge hole It is internal oppressive, it blocks and stops me from weakening and dragging me down I feel empty.
I have no desire to pray to you I have no desire to pray for me I have no desire to pray for my family,
There is no desire for anything, just for nothing.

Father, only you can help me so I believe only you are only you I’m going up and down How much can I please beg you Excuse me for everything About thoughts about how I behaved to people When I was young I know about my actions I know That I am not worthy of your forgiveness but what else I can do.

Just ask you to forgive me and help me find myself and my way and succeed, you gave me family and responsibility… Give me strength please please plead