forgive me for cheating

My wife, forgive me for cheating My wife I know that throughout our life as a married couple, I could have cheated not once and not just with one woman, but I never did that, and you always trusted me not to cheat.

My wife, you know I love you more than anything else in the world, even when you constantly hassle me about things that never happened.

My wife, I know that my parents (both my late father and my mother) annoyed you many times, and I who respected you supported you, yet never expressed it out in the open.

My wife, despite the fact that you have been my better half for the past 25 years since I met you, I’ve treated you like any person taking something for granted.

My wife, I know that I hurt you; I know that you feel betrayed; yet, you also know that I never betrayed you in my life.

My wife, after the way you acted after what happened, I understood how much you really love me??? and how much I love you.

My wife, I forgive you for what happened.

My wife, I ask for your forgiveness and promise to myself and not to you that I will never hurt you again in any way, through any words; I will just respect, cherish, support, and provide you, and just enjoy seeing you blossom and raise our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, Amen.

And to anyone reading what is written here, read, understand, go home, give a great hug to the person you love, and give a kiss also, since who knows when will be the next time you can do that.

My wife, my love, my soul, I love you, and I will always do, and just two words to you, forgive me.