no idea

I?ve been reading some of the confessions and discovered leaving a list of sins I’ve done would be the best.

And then move forward to fix my spirit – sin – nature with Gods help.

Here goes! I sin a lot! Way more than I should!..

I do swear, I have sto, watched sexualmovies, jacked off repeatedly, lied, been dishonest, emotionally unstable, not always controlling my emotions and actions I should, I have to sinned…knowing it was wrong and choosing to do it because I wanted too for my wants or personal gratification, I need to discipline my mind to counter sin as well, I have so many sins I can’t possibly list ..

I have done,.. but probably the biggest sin I’m ashamed of right now is knowing that I have willfully sinned against GOD right after I know I have received forgiveness and a new start.

I screw this up way the heck too often.

Good one day evil the next.

I plan on praying, fasting and reading a lot of scriptures or spiritual books to strengthen and reinforce me resolve to do better.

I would ask any body who might read this to pray for me as well as I will be praying for others who combat sin and self.

May GOD wash us all in the ??BLOOD?? of CHRIST to cleanse us all from sin and forgive us that we may glorify him who saved us and serve with diligence our fellow man with the ??Good News?? and works of kindness.