i wish it could be different

I confess to Almighty God and the human family, that I’m a sinner…

I have big and small sins, sins of omission and commission.

My normal sins are swearing, “sometimes” taking God’s name in vain, taking meds, lying, p and masterbation.

But unfortunately, I am at war with a wicked and abusive family member.

This person has a critical spirit and is an unjust accuser…

this person is an enemy and I have done nothing to be treated bad by this person, but lately I have been striking back out of defense.

I don’t want this war but this person is bent on destroying me. (honestly I truely think she is possessed!)..I strike back in small ways and even pour pee on her bed. It represents that since she is always pissing on me I would return the favor symbolically,…-

now this is harmless and is only an inconvience to clean up. I wish this wasn’t happening. May God understand and forgive me and come to my aid…

I’ve done what I could to avoid this behavior, but now I am so angry I just want to hurt back. God Help!!!