needing to be saved

i thought i would try out your confession line.

i have read some thought provoking confessions and am glad this site is here, this is the best one i have found.

Here Goes….i have been sinning since i was a child, i only started to disobey my parents when i would catch them lying to me or being way to selfish and controlling. i believe my siblings and myself started trust issues and resentments at a way early age / there was a lot of abuse and neglect in my family.

And we (i) grew up angry.

i have followed dark paths when i was younger and now want to follow a path of light (i hope!) i have committed the following sins…..

Lying, theft, backstabbing, hate, malice, resentment, unforgiveness, revenge, fraud, lots of sexual sins common to man, lust, p watching, disobeying GODS will and Commandments and ETC,.

.when i was young and angry and abused i used to abuse animals.

.i don’t of course do that anymore now i go after those who do!!! i hate them!..

i sinned greivesly against nature and now have been atoning for it for years……..