I am sorry that I love your husband

I am in love with your husband.

You know that.

We have spoken.

I never intended to hurt your daughter.

That being said, she should respect her father’s privacy.

Your marriage could not have been everything it should have been if he was looking for someone to complete his life.

I don’t being the outsider right now.

Because I think I am the missing piece of this puzzle.

I believe I could actually help you and he put your family back together.

It wont work without my input.

I told you I was willing to walk away.

You hesitated and then never answered.

It leads me to believe you don’t want me to walk away.

He is walking your line at the moment.

I hope that is the answer that you two need to fix this.

I didn’t destroy anything or anyone.

I brought a situation in your life into the light and, hopefully, it can be repaired into what you have always wanted.

Yes, I love you husband.

And I love him enough to let him go.

I am sorry.