can i say something

I have been checking out this site off and on for a while and thought I would do what is right and make a confession to God and man.

I have problems with the same sins as most people, especially males. I really need to clear my mind and heart.

i sin just everybody, but my sin affects me the most, especially my soul and where i am going after this life.

i have a long list of sins but I am inspired to focus on these, i have been and still do drink, use drugs, watch p, am sexually active, have sto, taken God’s name in vain (Huge sin by the Way), waste my time and all other sins we all commit.

i would to tell God that i would to change, but to be honest i fall back into sin too easily and really don?t change as fast or as well as i always hope to.

i ask simply for God’s understanding and patience.

i ask God to forgive me and Save me this day. And i ask Jesus to be my Lord and Savior today and to wash me in his Blood and make me again part of his family.

i also would to thank God for his Blessings and kindness even when i?m not living for him.