Please forgive me for all my sins


You know that I’m not a bad person, sometimes the evil inclination takes over me, and I can not control it.

Please, Father in heaven, If you hear me and see me from above please forgive me !! I beg you to forgive me.

It’s hard for me to look at myself in the mirror every time I promise you that in Heaven, I will not come back and then make the same mistakes again.

Please, Gd my Father in heaven.

We are all of us – a merciful and forgiving single father, please have pity on this man’s daughter – who like thousands more in this land, sinned and begged your forgiveness.
I truly repent of the depths of my soul for all evil and evil deeds that I have done – more than any evil deed that they have done to me – God forgive me
Sorry and th

thanks for all the wheels of rescue you sent me from above and saved me from thousands of falls. Thank you, Father, in heaven
And sorry. The depths of my soul.

Iā€™m sorry from the depths of my heart