I m tired

Look what happens is that I am in love with a person and I think he is too, but according to my family he is a total waste but despite that I have not had a boyfriend and less let me have him that is my problem …

I am the promising of The family that has to set an example, the one that cannot be like the others, the one who is not allowed to have a phone until they are 18, the spoiled but at the same time, the one who is going to take home a degree in professionalism and I can’t handle everything.

I feel something very big for that person, I imagine things with him and he has all hinted at me and I can’t say yes because just because I have to become a professional so as not to be one more of the amount and I have to wait my time but I don’t want to wait I can’t eat says a saying waiting for the right time, life is going away ..

if I am that girl who does not tell her problems to anyone who suffers in silence and comes out with a resplendent smile as if nothing has ever happened to her, I’m sorry I’m tired.