God please answer my prayers!

God, I am so happy to have found this.

This is exactly what I needed after all the letters I’ve written you to know that one is actually going to Jerusalem is such a blessing for me.

I just hope all this is true. Lord, you know my heart is crushed right now.

You know I’m lost, and I need you.

God, do you know how much it hurt me when Marquise told me he didn’t need me anymore? It hurt so bad and he’s just said so many things that hurt.

Lord what I always have loved about Marquise is his passion his zeal and I love it even if he expresses it in anger.

God, I’ve always been sure of his love, but now I really don’t know if he wants me.

God, why doesn’t he have time for me anymore?

And it’s not even that he doesn’t have time it s he just doesn’t want to talk to me.

It hurts so bad I really don’t even know where I stand right now.

And how come he doesn’t have time for me but he does for other people?

And when I told him i needed him he said he knew so he knows but he really doesn’t care or what.

I’m so lost and confused. God you know what Marquise means to me and you know hes got my love and devotion and I really do need him.

God my anxiety is so bad and that is one of the worst feelings in the world. Lord, I’m really losing it I need your help sweet God I really need you to be here for me Jesus.

God, I want my old Marquise back I want that man that used to love me unconditionally and was devoted to me I want that man that had that passion for me Lord please bring Marquise back to me Please God please bring him back.

God don’t let temptation come his way God keep him faithful to me keep him pure God please dont let temptation come his way Lord please keep him clean.

Lord please let us work out these problems that we’re right now Please help us please keep us together please keep us in love please bring us a baby God bless us, God, please let us be married soon God please bring me back that blessing you once gave me .

Lord, i know Marquise and me are meant to be together.

Guide me, lord i am your slave.

God make me a better woman make me a better wife please Lord I need you so much.

God, please make him come home soon I miss him so much. I thought the reason he was acting the way he was was because he missed me and now I’m unsure.

Please don’t let us disappoint each other Lord show him the truth please show him I don’t lie to him Lord please keep him safe please keep him from sinning.

I love you God and i thank you for letting me know you and be your daughter.

I thank you for the opportunity to have my words go to Jerusalem thank you God please answer my prayers!