Please, god help me stop making wrong decisions, especially with this no good guys.

I know I am a lot stronger and smarter than I’ve been acting lately, and Im just praying that you can help me get back on the right track and stay that way. I know its not going happen overnight but I pray that it will happen soon.

I want so mad to show you and the rest of my family that they and especially you can be proud of me.

That im not just a wild child looking for attention for just anyone. I really need help getting my life back together before its to late.

I want you to know that i thank you very much for all the blessings that you gave my family and I and I know I need to get myself together i just don’t know how.

So please help me and I pray that you keep my family and i healthy happy and safe and also keep our faith.

Dear GOD, please help me with my certain situation espeacially.

Thank you and please forgive me and help me so i don’t make these mistakes again.