Sorry Dad I could not get more time…

Dear father
You were one of the people closest to me. A close friend we met every Wednesday. We had a habit: At nine in the morning, I come to your house, boil water, and put two cups of tea on the table. You already prepared the biscuits, and we would sit and dip the cookies in the cup of tea for a few hours.

It was a complete disconnect from everyday life. A routine change Every Wednesday, I ran away to you and took a break from life. We talked a lot. I would share your work with you and the children, consult, and especially enjoy the moments with you.

A while ago, you started to feel bad. You were already 85, and the health was undermined. I was hospitalized, and I came to visit you every day. One day I looked at me sadly and said, “Lola,” you used to call me, I’m sad because I will not be able to see Iddo enlist. I always put a picture of him on the refrigerator.

The next day Dad dies. Ido, a week ago, enlisted, and we have a picture on the refrigerator.

Sorry. If I could pull the time, I would do it. Your forever.

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