I love you Please enter my heart

Dear Lord.
I love you and I believe in you. I’ve always loved you but have sometimes been very disobedient and prideful. I’ve come to realize that I cannot live without your love.

Please enter my heart. If you may please help my legs so that I may proclaim your glory to the masses. If my health Improves, I’ll be better able to serve you in the church. I wish to volunteer to help others. I can no longer think only of myself but, I need to help others. I know that I’m a sinner before you, but I am excited to start serving you in whatever capacity that I may.

We can do the forgiveness later.

Right now I want to serve you and other people in need. Perhaps a local church or the soup kitchen.

Thank you for everything Lord. I love you. i need to do my penance by working for it.

Thank you my Dearest Lord.

My Mum and Dad

Great God of all power and forgiveness. I know you have seen my mum and dad pass away in recent y

Forgive me Lord.

Dear God, i know im a adulterer and a sinner. Im so sorry lord for all my sins. Im sorry lord for my ways