A letter that was written 3 years ago

Forgive me for never sending the letter David, I am writing to you at two in the morning because I want you to know that every night I toss and turn in bed when I am not with you and I really want you to know.

I really love you, even if I don???t show it in the right way, that suits you.

I feel that I know you so well, as though years had already passed, and you don’t really know how much I want to be with you, how much I want you.

I don’t even know how to explain it.

You are my man and I really feel that I am your woman and I would go through fire and water for you and by your side??? I am imagining, fantasizing, dreaming of a son and a daughter from you, cute little ones who would look like you.

And it doesn’t matter what has been and want will be, that is what I really want. I want??? so much that I dare to write all of this to you??? And maybe you really want me to forget you.

Most of the time I am the one who wants to forget you, but I can’t??? and I hope that through this flight abroad, you’ll find a remedy, to my disappointment.

For the mistakes that I made, I cannot ask for any more forgiveness, but my feeling is that every time that I managed to get close, you withdraw again from me??? but maybe that is just a feeling.

I have nothing more to say, just that I hope that you will not be part of the past.

By the way, you were my first.

I was always afraid to tell you that so you wouldn’t feel pressured.

If there is still hope, I am waiting.



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