How to overcome fear of success?

Is there something you wanted to do: a new idea, collaboration, product, dream, and even it has a good chance of succeeding, yet… something stops and distances you – fear of success?

Does the fact that I promote others rather than myself, or give up essential opportunities, indicate that I am afraid of success?

Why are we afraid to succeed? What is it about success that can frustrate us?

Fear of Success

Fear is a very basic feeling. This indicates that something is endangering us. And that we must respond immediately. Runaway, face, or freeze, stop moving, and hope she does not notice us.

Fear of success is a psychological term, which means that psychology does believe in its existence.

Why do we not succeed or dare not?

Failure – If I do not try, then I can not fail

Pay the price – Success has a price

Fear of discovering the truth – forgery

The fear I’m not good enough

Criticism, exploitation, free time, responsibility, dependence, satisfaction

Sentences we grew up with: this money is dirty/rich are thieves / too many assets, too much worry.

Questions You can ask yourself and find out you are also the ones who are afraid of success.

  • Always try to promote others and not yourself
  • Losing important opportunities
  • Feel that you can do much more but do not do it to promote it
  • Procrastination of what matters