I Apologize

My sweet Lily, I am so sorry for not answering your concerns and questions after all this time.

I have tried when I can understand what you want to know, but I know there are many things you still feel I have not owned and confessed to you.

Please, let’s talk and pray through them.

I do completely feel that our hands were placed together by God to be Mary and Joseph for each other at this time in our lives.

I pray for the spirit of Love, forgiveness, understanding, and peace to return between us so we can work again toward this loving from God.

You are the most beautiful woman in Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul whom I have ever known.

Please hold my hand, don’t run, and resume our dance to the altar and on into Heaven together.

I Love You, my darling angel.

5 Tips On How To Teach Children To Apologize?

Children have the ability to forgive and forget, but as they grow older, they encounter situations where the harm may be too severe for them.

I apologize to my wife

I apologize to my wife My dear wife, I apologize that at the beginning of the marriage, I was intolerable and behaved badly toward you