I can’t lose you as my friend

I’m asking you for your forgiveness. The pain that I’m feeling from the loss of your friendship is breaking my heart. I believe in fate and it’s fate that we met up after 6 years.

I can’t bear the fact that you hate me and I know “sorry” just doesn’t seem sufficient.

We made memories, we shared our thoughts and dreams, we shared our fears and our disappointments, we disagreed, we agreed, we laughed and we had good times. Those are the things that make a friendship important.

I value my friendships and I value what we had as friends. I know you don’t understand how ex-relationships can remain friends but it’s actually more common today then ever.

As we grow older we realize just how quickly the days, weeks, months and years go by and there’s nothing more fulfilling then being able to share the past in the present with the person(s) you keep close to your heart.

I’m not asking you for anything more than friendship. Knowing that we lost so much time because of anger/hate (whatever you want to call it) 8 yrs ago, it isn’t acceptable to me this time around.

I’m not willing to throw my friendship with you away and waste another decade. Will you please take the time and think about saving our friendship? ??Friends are special people.

If you are a friend, it means you were chosen. You are not in someone’s life by happenstance, or by accident. You’re in someone’s life because he or she wants you there??.