Dear father in Heaven: I glorify your names, worship your names as the true and only God who i worship.

you shall always be my God forever and ever.

I have no one to go to for all type of help but you.

father thank you for relocating me from sokoto to bauchi.

father i neeed urgent money because i have spent all that i have in the relocation process and heavily indebted to others and dont even know haow i am going to pay pack.

Give me money lord now because I am peniless and dont even know how to survive ordinarily but your grace is sufficient for me lord god.

help me get money to pay all my debts to the fullest.

Give me wisdom like king Solomon, strength, starmina and fealrlessness like king david , knowldege like the 3 wise, strength and good health like samson as well as mercy upon me like Daniel in the lions den, strengthen my faith, belief, courage, determination, focus and perseverance in all the lawful things i do