The love of my life

Dear God, I’ve been praying for months.

I love her. I’m sorry for not being able to break my addiction I’m really trying. I just have these moments of weakness where I can’t help but look up that horrible and awful stuff. I hate porn. I want to be closer to you and I want her to come back. God I ask for your forgiveness, please.

Please forgive me for my sins. And help me with her. I want her back. Not for sex. Because I love her more then anything. I want to hold her. I want to quit the porn. Please give me the strength. Once I can stop maybe she’ll come back. It worked last time. I want her lord. I love her. I want to hold her.

Bring a smile to her face. And make sure she’s okay. I want to help her. And be the guy she deserves and needs.

Mold me into the man she needs.
God I’m so sorry. I wish this temptation weren’t so hard. I beg for your forgiveness and for you to continue helping me with her. I’m going to keep trying to stop. But I need you there beside me and helping me with her to know everything will be fine. She’s my everything and I need her back.

God im.begging, please. Thank you lord. Please forgive me for my sins and please give me strength the quit. I just want her to come back to me. I love you God. I feel so guilty and need you help please. If you can bring her back to me and we can stay together I will never need another blessing because she’s my light. I miss her dearly god. And I need you. I can’t do anything about this. I just want her to come back to me. And for me to quit my problem. I feel like your angry at me and punish me by her going father.

Each time I watch porn she grows distant. And after a week of being free she comes closer. I just need you to continue her to me while I quit.

Please, God I’m begging. I know somethings happen. My top priority is her health, I want her to get better mentally. Because I care about her. I’m just hoping you can help please lord.

Please. Her health comes first. I know I’m asking a lot of you God. And I’m sorry. I just can’t do this without her.

Please. If she is truly better off without me then give her the best guy you can lord. She deserves someone to make her happy. Hold her when she’s sad. And comfort her. She deserves someone who can give her a million times more the love then I gave.

And I want her to love the guy just the same. I don’t want to let go of her. But I want her to be happy. I wish that guy could be me. I wish I could be molded into the guy for her. And us work through all our problems and become what I always wanted us to be. Happy and in love. Help me lord please. I know this is big.

But I dont need another blessing after his. She’s all the blessings I need. Please lord if you have the strength or can do this for me please. I know I don’t deserve it. But I’m working too. Please help. thank you God for everything I’m in your debt forever if you can help me.

Thank you so much. And in the holy and precious name I pray amen
I love you God
I’m begging for the help