I regret. I’m sorry

Dear God, I did it again, I can’t stop doing it. Maybe I was depressed because I just received my card yesterday and I was not able to get a high grade, instead, my grades went down, especially my math. I got problems for the last few months and I was not able to solve it.

God, I wish you were here and comfort me whenever I’m feeling depressed. i have done a very wrong thing today, and I regret it, I know, i am tempted and I can’t stop it.

I wish I were the one who had been promoted to the st. matthew but Maam Tabobo said that there are no girls who will be promoted this time.

I think i might as well double my effort, but the promotion would be next year. I know, I didn’t gave my very best this second quarter and didn’t concentrate on my studies, instead, i concentrated on that Boy named “Rence”

God, I thought he really loves me but it was all just a lie. i was hurt, but my life should go on. i wish i didn’t knew him.

I remember them. Rosary Month?, every time I pray for minutes,I think of being promoted to the st. matthew class, but now I’m not.

Sometimes i doubt praying but I realized that it didn’t come true because of me.

God, tell me more, tell me what I should do, tell me how, tell me oh God, I am sorry for all.

your daughter -jameshel Amen.