In Jesus’s name, I pray….amen

I’m sorry lord that I couldn’t keep my promise.

I am no longer a virgin and I know you take that really seriously. But I think that we are going to last.

I hope.

Please Lord don’t let us end.

Let us be together forever.

Because I gave him something I could never get back.

I think i truly love him and if I don’t let me fall in love with him and him fall in love with me.

Oh lord please let us be married.

I knwo he truly cares about me lord because he couldn’t even finish.

Please let us last and be together.

Also I know my mom does not approve of him neither does my BEST friend.

Please Lord I love them both so much.

I don’t wanna lose them.

Please let them accept him.

I just pray they could see him how I see him.

I need you Lord.

I always have needed you.

But please let this work out.

We have a blood covenant now and it’s so serious.

ord I can’t see myself with anyone else.

Lord please help my ex you know who it is Lord and mend his heart.

I didn’t mean to lead him on lord.

Please let him find love.

Let him forget about me.

I pray Lord that he won’t shed a tear for me.

Please Lord.

In Jesus’s name I pray….