all honesty. Lucy A Macias

Dear God.

Every night I have spent crying to you on my knees , praying with all my heart to forgive me and rid of my sins, i come to you for help always and say so many prayers to heal my wounds, all i ask from you God is just the opportunity to win this job i recently interviewed with in vista ca, for a caregiver position.

But with a criminal record that I have with 2 misdemeanors, its impossible to pass my background check, i beg you with all my life in your hands, please help me pass this test i need this job to help my family out, to go back to school and have a roof over our heads,till my mom finds a job, please God, please with all my tears , sweat and blood i beg you in the name of your son Jesuscrist have a little heart and help me Dear Father of mine,I am being sincere with my heart in my hands, and my heart speaking to you with all honesty.

Lucy A Macias