its hard

have been through a bad year I know I could have handled things better I hurt people that don’t even know me I have hurt people that don’t even know that I hurt them

I have hurt people that know me and love me I find it so hard to even voice aloud the terrible things that I did some of the things are bad enough but not unheard of it doesn’t make it easier but my mental state of mind at the time had a lot to do with it I know its no excuse it was the right thing for me to do at the time

the really bad thing that I did is something that I have to look deep into my soul and say that even though the hurt party doesn’t know he is hurt ..

I can’t let it go I deeply regret what I did all I can do is forgive myself and try to find comfort in what that person doesn’t know can’t harm!!

It’s crap I know it’s all I have for now God, Please try to see that I am normally good I want ME back the good me help me I KNOW I have to help myself I will I’m sorry I’m so sorry.