Its not making sense to me…

I’ve been unemployed for about one year now.

I’ve lost my home, car, dignity, self-respect, and joy of living. it got so bad that I tried to commit suicide, but for the love of God, he brought me back to life and give me a complete bill of health.

but I’m still in the same situation, and I don’t know what to do.

I’m still looking to God and believing him for the MIRACULOUS! I NEED HELP LIKE YESTERDAY! PLEASE HELP The past few days, I’ve felt that I need to move to Arizona.

I’ve been praying heavily and fasting, and talking to God daily. I now live in Charlotte, North Carolina. It seemed strange for me to pack up and move when I did have not a job, no money in my bank, and not even a car to drive across the country.

I know sometimes the Holy Spirit’s instructions can seem unrealistic to our human mind because we are looking at our current circumstances and don’t understand…. Please ask your team of Prayer Warriors to lift this in prayers for me.

I want to obey the Holy Spirit, but I’m also afraid. I have no family or friends in Arizona.

I don’t know why he wants to send me there. It’s not making sense to me…